Each mediator at Atticus Mediation Group sets their own fee schedule for the services they provide. Standard cancellation fees are set froth below unless waived by the individual mediator.

Postponement and Cancellation Fees

Postponement and cancellation fees are applicable once the matter has been confirmed to the parties for session, in writing, via email or facsimile.

For Standard Sessions

Postponements within 15 business days from the scheduled session are billed $250.00, and postponements more than 15 business days from the scheduled session are billed $100.00.  All postponement fees are billed to the party requesting postponement.

If a session is cancelled less than 15 business days before the scheduled session and not rescheduled, the full standard hearing fee of $250 is payable by each party. No cancellation fee is charged for cancellations made more than 15 business days in advance. This applies to both settled and unsettled cases.

Inclement Weather Postponements

Your safety is important to us. Should the parties require postponement due to inclement incoming weather, Your mediator will waive postponement fees. Postponements will be determined by your mediator no sooner than 24 hours in advance of the session.


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